Sunday, 5 December 2010

Toodle-pip CR/MET

Like every exam there is something i come out annoyed about, and this time is no exception. I was pretty happy with it all, came out, and went to the bathroom.... and thats when it hit me...!!! To measure GFR, urine needs to be collected for 24 hours... how could i forget to mention that in my answer.. how how how?! ironically it only came to me whilst i went to the loo... ah if only i went during the exam itself! damn it!

Ahhhh, so this time round the exam was held in a giant hall, a semi-frozen one - my hands were literally shaking, and i found it so hard not to just ask them to turn the heating on.. the place was COLD! - But hey that kept me awake i suppose.. ^.^

Not too sure how the exams went this time round, im happy about the saq.. apart from the 24 hour urine collection point ARGhhhhhhhh, EMQs were a real hit and miss, and well... spotter was as always... hard.

But for now, that's goodbye to CR/MET and hello... Dissection of the thorax and abdomen, i look forward to finally getting a go at dissection tomorrow!