Sunday, 29 November 2009

End of Funmed

On Friday i sat my first exam at BL -> Fundamentals of medicine '09

It's been 3 years since i've sat any EMQs, and i had forgotten what a pain they could be; though no pain can even come close to the spotter exam !!

Flicking through the microanatomy slides before the exam, in combo with my stupid "fingers crossed" ritual, had come no where close to preparing me well. I predict a flop.

At least i now know i really need to work on my anatomy!

The final kick of the day came in the form of my SSC allocations >.<
(though i'll try and keep an open mind)

So... that brings Funmed to an end..
..........................roll on human development!

Friday, 20 November 2009


Being a science grad on an undergraduate course, I get the:

"you'll do fine, you've done this all before"

comment quite a lot, and if i'm being honest, i'm sure i've muttered those words among the grads a few times myself. It's a bit of a weird feeling, even more so now that the.....

FUNMED assessment is in 7 days time!!

OK i don't really know the exact weightings, but i think its worth like 27% of paper A overall.... and the spotter component makes up 5% of the 27%....
so its decided, im giving up on the spotter!

(well i'll revise a bit of it, and have my fingers crossed for the bits of anatomy and microanatomy i like to pop up, but im not going to stress over it too lets hope i've made the right decision!)