Sunday, 28 June 2009

Last Day Tomorrow

Final day as a full time HCA tomorrow, and i really can't wait!
(i say "full time", as im signing up to an agency, and if the interview goes well i'll hopefully be able to fit in a few shifts here and there during the summer or whilst at uni).

i think i've been quite fortunate in that i've met a lot of different people, managed to have quite a good time at work, and learnt not only a lot about the different jobs roles within a hospital, but also really random bits of Tagalog (sp?). The most useful i've found to be - "Atei maganda, gusta gung tea, salamat" - i've probably spelled it quite incorrectly, but it should mean - "Beautiful sister, can i have a tea please "... at which point the phillipino nurse or tea trolly lady will let me go on my lunch/dinner break or thrust a tea into my hands.

Tomorrow i'll be having a leaving lunch at work - we've decided to all cook something, and have a lunch in the staff room. I've decided to make curry chicken.

I really couldn't think of anything i could make, i usually have a trusty sandwich, left over dinner, or er something random i can find around the house for lunch, and so when left with the task of cooking something, the easiest option i could think of which also happens to taste alrite, is curry chicken - easy! (though of course mine is probably, actually i am certain it is not authentic at all - as mine consists of chicken boiled down in supermarket bought curry paste and sauces).

Monday, 22 June 2009


Its been quite an emotionally and physically draining month, but glad things are gradually on the mend.

On a whole its been a month with more downs than there are ups, and i'm just glad theres only 4 SHIFTS LEFT!! ^____^ Roll on the summer BBQs, random day trips, and lazy days in the park and travelling fun!

The rest of the month in short:

- worked a crazy 5 shift week

- after emptying endless catheters from the word go, i finally observed urinary catheter insertion and removal (it's not as bad as i thought it would be, i'm not sure why but i always imagined it to be really difficult ~.~)

- got sent over to work in acute surgical admissions for the day - it was probably one of the busiest days of my short HCA career! I don't mind helping patients onto bedpans and all, but this patient felt the need to constantly remind me her son was an injury lawyer ..even if its just a glass of water she was after!!

- returned my occupational health and completed my CRB form for uni, now just a long wait for that ucas track to change to unconditional firm.