Thursday, 25 February 2010

Almost back to lectures

My first taste of SSCs felt like a half-term, an unproductive one.

Now for a final ssc assessment tomorrow, a week of Rag fun to look forward to (managed to blag ourselves some random scrubs, not too keen on the unidentified stain on it, but finally i can say goodbye to the disposable ones!), and back to normality (lectures!!).

- i didn't think i missed lectures, but after speaking to some friends last night, it just seems so odd to be so lazy (its been a fantastic and well needed break after what was hd/cr/met!), but i think its time to roll on the locomotor!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lazy SSC

Woohooooo, the ICAs are over!
thinking about it, i'm probably just over half way done with 1st year now! ^^ time does fly!! (there is always the obstacle of the summer exams, but i'm trying not to scare myself just yet)

The spotter this time was a lot better, i felt so much more prepaired, and for once i looked at the image and actually knew what the arrow was pointing to! Can't say i felt the same for the SAQ/EMQ paper though, my mouth dropped open as i tried to recall as much info as i could from a CR practical session on the ... VITALOGRAPH.. oh and the question about the ECG lead! (this will haunt me for quite a while!), i didn't revise the practicals and that probably hit my chances of passing pretty hard.

Well, whats done is done now, just a relaxing wait for exam results, whilst i enjoy my 2 weeks of self-study SSC lazyness.

I managed to get Membrane Transport, not so exciting, but a well needed break from 9-5 lectures. Not much to talk about really, i literally went into uni to pick up a self study pack, went home, and now have an exam on it next monday and friday, and thats simply it. I'm tempted to do a spot of travelling!

Can't say i'm not jealous of those who managed to get Dissection though! I spoke to a few people who are complaining about their 10-5 shedule, and wish they had the 2 weeks off (though they are in the minority, most people seem to be loving it!); whilst i wish i got a spot of "cadaver juices on my lab coat" and have "hands that smell of formaldehyde" >.<

I'm definately putting dissection as first choices for both sscs next year!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ah Poo!

Ah Poo! for 2 reasons:

1) Our last PBL was quite literally on diarrhorea.

- one of the objectives was to look up the different types/causes of diarrhorea, and all of them were pretty much the norm., apart from Factitious!
A bit of a random find from the K&C, but it was quite a: -- "REALLY, people do that?? O.o" moment for me when i read that some people would dilute their faeces with urine or with tap water to make it seem like they have diarrhorea. A tad random, but because its so odd, it'll stick in my head.

2) HD/CR/MET ICAs panic!!

I thought i was scared for Funmed, but that seems so much easier now compared to what's coming up next Friday!

I have barely touched Met, and CR is a bum of a module (i've always had to try really hard to get my head round physiology), and well HD.. that just seems to never end!
......and to make matters worse, i've got MedSoc the day before to keep me away from a last day cram!!

I don't usually complain about MedSoc; although the placement is really far, the gp teaches really well, and lets us have a go at different things. Just last week she whipped out a few spygs, and let us practice taking blood pressures on each other (it was a bit random, seeing that the topic for the week was diabetes!! - but i wasn't complaining!), and for the first time i finally managed to take a blood pressure, so i was happy. BUT the fact that its literally the day before the exams is a pain!

OK.... now back to some revision!