Saturday, 27 December 2008

Happy Holidays

Yay Christmas was actually quite good this year!! - but then my ward decided to close out of the blue and has now left me alone in london for no reason!!!! GARRRRRRR i hate undecisive ward managers! - it means i don't go back to work until the end of the 1st week of January. Although i enjoy my time off, i wish they could have told me earlier as i could have planned something, instead of having not very much to do.

Thankfully this year my brother his girlfriend, and my cousin has decided to visit london, so its not actually been too bad, as i got to spend time at home cooking up a feast to cheesy music, watching re-runs of old films, drinking alcohol and playing stupid games. All in all, twas a very merry Christmas.

On the med application side of things... absolutely nothing! no news! de nada!

- - but from experience January is a very very horrible month - so lets just hope i manage to hold through the month without toooo many rejections!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Waiting listed

After 6 weeks of waiting from my kcl interview, i've been notified by mail today to stay waiting until march/april, as i sit on the waiting list.

I suppose i am glad its not a straight rejection, but i know my chances of staying at kcl for another 5 years is unlikely, as the chances of receiving an offer from the list is very very low. I will just have to sit and hope. The worst part being through the post-interview wait, i was thinking how i would really enjoy spending another 5 years at kcl; but alas, fate tells me to keep waiting.

My ward has a new HCA, another med applicant gapper, theres now 3 of us on the ward and it seems as if the ward sister has taken a liking to taking on gappers, as the 3 latest hcas (me included) have all been gappers.... or it could possibly be because theres a surge of gapping applicants this time of year; none the less it means i now have another person to chat to about applications and things. However, i do cringe on the idea of seeing one of them on friday, as she also had an interview at kcl last month, and i'm just going to be reminded of my unlikely chances with every shift i share with her.

Really hoping i'll hear from other unis soon, i think it would be pretty shattering to have to fail another round of applications if this year sees a similar fate to the last.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

december update

Oh was waiting for the BMAT results to arrive a nuisance, (i believe there was a mix up, and they were sending them out a tad late) but i wish i was still waiting.. as the results weren't just a tad crap..they were worst than last years!

Ok it's only 0.3 marks less than last years..but i think its almost definately means my chances at ucl have gone down the drain, and mixed in with the sudden cold weather, a bad flu, and my desktop officially dead and failing to be reformatted, the week has been pretty grim.

I don't regret taking the bmat and risking it slightly as such, at least now i won't have to live with the "what if" factor. I was slightly dissapointed with my bmat results, but the dissapointment didn't last too long; i suppose i'm just glad its something out the way.

It just goes to show... no news is good news !

on the line of news.. ucas track has remained looking the same as it did almost 2 months ago; however im sure thats going to change soon, as from last year's experience - january seems to be a popular month for bad news ~.~