Friday, 25 March 2011

HSPH, and free pizza?


ARGHhhhhhhhhhhh.... I thought I saw the last of you at AS-levels,  but alas you have made it back into my life.. and this time you're ten times more boring, and with every little bit of you, there's a whole paper to critique! (>.<) PBL sessions have never taken this long to prepare, and this dry to sit through!

HSPH stands for ... Damn it ... its quite a fail on my behalf really ... can't remember what the H and the S stands for, but the PH definitely stands for public health. (okay, I'm currently in a lecture as I type this and asked my friend .. its Human Science and Public Health) ... 2/3 weeks in ... and yeah .. it's been a lot of psychology, and just general epidemiology .. not looking forward to sitting this ICA!

on the topic of ica, half the results for the recent ica are back, just waiting to hear about the SAQ now, but so far I've not failed ^.^ yay! I have a bit of a bet going on with D, we both thought we flopped the exam, so we put a bet on, the person who does better has to buy the other a large vegetarian hot pizza from pizza hut (okay again .. I just like tofu and veggie pizza, I'm jot a vegetarian!) ... and so far ... unbelievably.. we have the exact same mark for both our spotter and emq/sba papers! So its down to the SAQ ... pretty sure the pizza is mine .... cervical cancer I hate you.. but at least you got me a free pizza ^.^

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

SSCs, BB+HD ICAs, Firms.... and medsoc

It's been almost 3 months since my last post, and since then.. I've:

-Dissected a cadaver and found what we thought was a giant cyst, but further investigations (poking at it and removing it) revealed a "cc" quantity on it and yep, it wasn't an abnormal growth, turns out to be a very early breast implant (teaching assistant: "they don't even make them like this anymore")...okay we really didn't expect to find that!
Dissection really was an amazing experience though, it was the first time I've ever done it, and I definitely want to do it again! I can't even begin to explain how different things are compared to an anatomy text book.

- SSC2c, okay this was my first attempt at anything arts-y since gcse art, and this time round I'm not even that ambitious! I chose the easier option and took medicine in  photography.. my intentions were a tad cheeky... I have a dslr and just wanted someone to teach me how to use it... and that was that :D

Just sat the BB + HD ICA last Friday and that was a HORROR! Okay I always complain about exams, and the last exam turned out pretty well.. but I'm not too happy this time, I didn't really revise cervical neoplasms and boom... they hit me with a CIN double page SAQ special..... ouchies! Damn it!
It was also the first time they've introduced single best answer question type, and they are definitely a lot harder! All the answer choices seemed plausible, and it was hard picking the best option! >.<

And now...... I'm sitting in an empty gp practice typing this post up on ky phone.. this is exactly why I hate my medsoc placement.. they send me around hackney and expect me to be at these random places by 9am, and 8/10 times the nurse doesn't even turn up till 10am, and then I sit for 3 hours to see 1 patient ... then I have a dirty commute to my afternoon session at some other area.... ! To be fair my medsoc was amazing last year, my friends have awesome medsocs this year ... I've just been really unlucky :(

Ooooooo and to end on an exciting note... I submitted my firm choices last night! Clinical years feel so close now, I really can't wait!! ^.^ it was really difficult choosing where to go for each module...  .

Now the wait for the practice nurse continues ......!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


"A colposcopy, not to be confused with a colonoscopy"

-Ah.. that made me giggle, i'm a little immature, and dead lazy when it comes to scribing down my bits and bobs at medical school....
i'm supposed to read this blog once i've graduated so i can look back at my journey, through medical school, and i've just left a whole big chunk out of 2nd year, since i've been too lazy to write things down, and lately it's just been crazy revision!!

Exam this Friday, and i've never felt this un-prepared!

Chocolate, coffee and redbull....