Sunday, 17 May 2009

No accomodation

I received an accomodation email from Barts friday afternoon, had a good read on whats on offer, submitted my online application.... and 2 minutes after that i received an automated email which basically declined my application as i lived too close to the uni ... (within london..but by no means close!).

I will still keep my fingers crossed as i hope to hear off the accom waiting list early october, but most probably i will have to settle with living at home and making the dreaded long travel on a daily basis (i could always just read on the tube, prepare for the lecture, or er.. take a nap). Alternatively i could rent near the uni nearer the time, though it does seem a waste of money to rent near the uni when i live within london, but then again im not too keen on the 2.5hour journey each day! I'll think about it over the summer.

--- 17 shifts left!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Barts - Firmed

- Firmed on ucas: Bart's A100 here i come!

When i first told my friends they were all a bit shocked i hadn't gone with the gep - but i think its a decision i won't regret. (i gathered they work out costing about the same, so i might as well take my time and make the most out of it, afterall i only get to do medical school once ^^)

Now just 21 more shifts as a HCA, 4 days of annual leave, and a summer break to go!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

How important is having a go at dissection?

Received an email from warwick today to remind me of the offer, and i suppose it was a poke to tell me to hurry up and make a decision, i hadn't really realised how long its been, as its already been almost month, and i still havn't made a decision.

Hope someone with experience could let me know how important having the experience of dissection or even pro-section is at medical school?? - i suppose this is the last bit of the decision process for me.

I'm even starting to find myself annoying, at how long its taking me to make my mind up!