Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Accelerated learning ssc

It's ironic how slow and little work we actually get done on this SSC!

Having read the course brief i was expecting to have a whole day to do revision, and be given the occasional command to take a break..or maybe have a few revision techniques taught to us (i even thought i was one of the lucky ones to get a ssc based on revision and improving on it.. oh .. how wrong i was!)

Instead we were put through 2x 30minutes of "hypnosis sessions" where she would try and take us on a wonderful journey to success...
- all i remember was "repeating the word success as you count down", and "success..blah blah.. see the green light" . The rest of the day just consisted of sitting in a cramped room, a 1.5 hour lunch, and too many breaks in between.

I suppose i'm glad i don't have a hectic SSC, but nor is this SSC turning out to be the amazing revision cram sessions i thought it would be.. meh the grass is always greener on the other side!

I'm hoping it would get better towards the end, but im not optimistic.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Exam Timetable

OK, the feeling has completely changed from yesterday..!!
- I have "THE FEAR" now!

I went into uni and had a talk on our upcoming end of year exams.... and whilst it doesn't count towards my ranking (MTAS final year blah), i need paper A to go well if i want to have a shot at getting a merit (top quartile - quite unlikely, but it's good motivation to work!). Grr~ so .. this ICA is sort of important-ish afterall >.< !

On a plus note, the talk did get my "fear" going! Plus i had my last PBL today too Yahey~ no more PBLs or PBL write-ups until September!(well ...sort of... we've been annoyingly given 3 pbl scenarios to prepare for the summer exams on our own... ¬.¬).. accelerated learning SSC doesn't look like such a bad allocation anymore!

Ok so this is how my Summer Exam timetable looks:

17th - EMQ
18th - SAQ
20th - OSCEs
21st - Spotter (A possible flop!)
27th - Results

Over in a week, and results the following.. i like the efficiency!
BUT until then...

B&B / LOCO ICA on Friday! lets do this!!


Simply put, i have been so lazy!

I worked out from percentages, that i've already passed paper A, and since it doesn't count towards the final year grade, i really lack motivation to revise for the upcoming ICAs on Friday >.<

So meh, time to update my blog instead of some hard-core revision (despite all this, i'll give revision another try tonight). I am scared of the upcoming exams, but i dunno.. i think i'm just tired from the whole year now, and i can't wait for the summer holidays!

On another note, i can't believe the year has gone by so quickly!!!

- had my last learning landscape, microanatomy and practical today, and technically i'll have my LAST LECTURE of the year on Wednesday, ending with a B&B lecture on neural control of emotional behaviour..

...i say technically the last lecture since next week i'll be braced with another 2 weeks of SSMs.... and i'm not sure which is worse... my first SSM, or my upcoming SSM in "accelerated learning" hmmmmmm...!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Revision Begins!

18 Days left until B&B/Loco ICAS
42 Days left until End of year exams!

feeling: PANIC!

Revision officially begins today!

...Well for 2 days, then im off on holiday to europe for 4 days (away from my notes), before im back to uni to face 2 more weeks of B&B lectures, the B&B/Loco ICAs, and 2 weeks of SSCs! Ahhh i wish i got my act together earlier, but now im into revision mode, im sending myself out of the country and away from my notes! this is not good!!!

-the television has been moved out of the room
- msn will be uninstalled
- and ... facebook.. well nothing yet.. im too much of an addict to disable that ^.^

Revision to-do list:

Funmed - 0%
Human Development - 0%
Cardiorespiratory - 0%
Metabolism - 0%
Locomotor ~ 20% completed
Brain and Behaviour ~ 50% completed

PBLs - 0%
Practicals - 0%
OSCEs - 0%

Anatomy ~25% completed
Microanatomy - 0%

... by x% completed.. i simply mean read through it briefly. I'm going to have to spend a lot of time in the library as soon as term starts.