Thursday, 25 August 2011

Y3: 10 days away ^.^

I can say i want a longer summer and i don't want to go back to uni.. but who am i kidding...

i'm super super SUPER excited about starting 3rd year...
......and it's only 10 days away!!

I sound too keen (and that can never be good), but i am the overly enthusiastic type when it comes to a lot of things, and starting clinical years is one of those things i'm currently really excited about!

I know that i am also the whine-y type, and thus i may moan my way through the next 3 years, but ... hey... for now i am living in bliss, with the excitement of being able to finally learn to put the theory to practical skills ^.^

(i will have to worry about adapting to a new method of learning, scary consultants, and the lack of sleep later..)

To make things even better, my friend is joining my year group (direct entry), and we're even lucky enough to have one placement together!

Roll on the 5th of September............... 8am!
(8am.. why oh why..?!?!?!)