Wednesday, 27 April 2011

40 Days till Y2 finals

Okay, so 10 days on from my last post, and despite my crazy plans to have finished revising:

Met, HSPH, 2 weeks of Loco and 2 weeks of BB..

i've only just finished revising Met.. so that gives me an efficiency rating of 25%! Damn it!

- some things really don't change... and you would think having been at uni for 5 years now i should be good at setting achievable revision targets.. or actually sticking to them! (Wow.. i never thought of it that way.. but 3 years Bsc + 2 years of my MBBS!! ARghhhhh - i hate making myself feel old!!)

Just a few more days left, until we go back to uni.. and finish off our 2 weeks of Loco, hand in my last essay of year 2, and.............. panic!


4 teaspoons of nescafe in a mug washing down a huge bowl of rice to keep my energy levels up.. and 15 minutes later i fall asleep at my desk >.< FAIL!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Feeling Old

I'm getting old =(

I know i'm no longer the early tween as when i started this blog, and i was reminded of this when i went to the GP yesterday with my collection of ailments. He suggested i have a routine blood test..

..and thats when it hit me..

"ah you've turned 2x, i think we should start including your serum cholsterol levels too" DAMN IT! - nothing wrong with checking everything.. but i'm not sure why i've always just associated serum cholesterol levels as for the middle aged.. (obviously this is not true!) and i know im not quite there yet.. but ah... it made me feel old.. and i dont like feeling old...

ok.. random note over.. back to revision!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

50 days till Finals!

Easter holidays has finally started..... this can only mean .. 2 weeks of BLISS REVISION >.<

Well begining on Monday (i've given myself the weekend off ^.^)... but still.. that's only 50 days till our first exam.... FIFTY DAYS! Eeeeeks!

Scary thought that... but at the same time, it's my last set of exams of my Pre-clinical years...!!

I can't wait to hit the wards, i've worked so hard to get here, and finally i'm almost 2/5 of the way there! So .. it's time to kick my lazy ass into action, and start some revision!!

On an encouraging note, both my friend and i got an email from uni to go to the student office to collect a letter... and when i did open it... yay.. it was a really encouraging letter about our progress from the head of year 2 .. they do care (I LOVE BL!) ^.^!!

Ok it wasn't very personalised.. the letter was a carbon copy of the other, apart from the names where they've changed it, but either way.. it was encourgaing! - Going to cram even more now ^.^

(i am a nerd at heart)

Monday, 4 April 2011

First day of Loco2 and my dodgy TMJ

1st day of the last module done... and im starting to get scared! Partially scared of the amount of work i need to cover again before finals, and the fear of my dodgy TMJ.

I've had TMJ issue for years now, (i blame my dentist and my wisdom teeth removal! - it's probably not him..but i'll just blame him for now) and i've always just not been too bothered to do anything about it.. it clicks now and then, dislocates, i've been referred to see a specialist and meh.. i've just left the referrel letter at home and continued to let it be..

..and now fast forward a few years.. and finally at medical school i start to get scared about things.. and yeh.. wish i got it seen to now as it seems increasingly willing to take every opportunity when i yawn or take a bite of my sandwich to want to pop out of place and leave my jaw in an awkward position.

This is rather cheeky, but i take the opportunity to volunteer for clinical skill sessions so i can get my different ailments seen to... saves time from going to the GP! Today was no exception, my friend went to ask the lecturer today about his dodgy knee.. and i took the opportunity to ask about what i can do about my dodgy TMJ without having to go visit my GP.. and simply put..

"Nothing..... it's just going to get arthritic in the future, might get some pain"!!!

i didn't see it as a problem until the FY1 started scaring me ... so..Okay.. i hate to admit this.. but Easter i might go to the gp just to see if i can get that referal letter again

Saturday, 2 April 2011

End of HSPH , Locomtor Next !

It's a love-hate relationship with HSPH.. i love the 3-week semi-holiday mode, but at the same time it's made me into a super lazy bum.. i feel no urge what-so-ever to do anything!! I could have used this time more efficiently.. but nope i've baked cakes, slept a LOT, caught up on tv, saw some friends and then ate some more cake..

I can see how the lectures could be interesting, but it's just a module so untimely placed.. would have been better right at the start of the new year, or before Christmas... as now with one week left. i've literally just acquired the skills to critique a paper with a bunch of annoying stats., and have until friday to whip up a critique!

(weird as it sounds.. i've actually learnt more on how to critique a paper, and use stats through HSPH on my MBBS course now, than all 3 years of my BSc put together!)


Locomotor starts on Monday....

(this mean 4 weeks of Anatomy with an Easter holiday in the middle! >.<)

Anatomy has always been my weak point..

.....this is rather embarressing, but the other day my head went completely blank and i couldn't remember which side of my arm my radius and ulnar was on. In hindsight, im such an idiot, as i always used to remember where i would take the radial pulse, and that would be the side where my radius sat.. but i don't know what happened.. i really couldn't remember at the time! Just so happens, like it does, the module lead was passing by whilst i was telling my friend.. and she comments:

"Tofu, i really don't know how you managed to get a merit last year!" haha.. okay that sounds harsh... but really she said it as a joke, and shes by far one of the friendliest lecturers out there! But i do worry myself sometimes.. as i know i really should put some more time into my anatomy... okay.. time to get Gray's out the library!


65 days till End of Year EXAMS! --- EEKS! Ok in days and months, thats over 2 months... but i like to see the number in days.. it sort of adds to the stress factor, and should hopefully kick me into revision mode soon enough (well i sure hope it does!! only 65 days left!!)


Update on the pizza... im happy i did well in my last ica, 81% average yay, but..i lost out on the pizza by 0.5%... but then again my friend still owes my 397/400 meals from last year.. so i don't have to worry about buying the pizza just yet ^.^hahaha... we sound competitive.. but we really aren't!! we just like having excuses to eat out and celebrate random things!! in fact today we're going to the have a pub lunch and watch the cricket world cup ...

...................................... i can't choose between the two teams.. as i'm not from either country, and my closest friends at uni are from both... it's like choosing to side with mummy or daddy!