Thursday, 30 August 2007

UKCAT scare

OH gosh..... UKCAT tomorrow afternoon..and practice tests seems to indicate i'll be getting dire results tomorrow!! oh please let me randomly guess all the answers for verbal reasoning correctly... that is by far THE HARDEST part of the test!!

Friday, 24 August 2007

Blog away my time

so rather than starting my work i've just sat here and decided to blog... im sure this is my way of getting out or even just delaying starting "work".. theres just too many distractions in my bedroom.... tv ... pc .....nds lite ..... bed!!! ahhhh too many things to keep me away from the desk and few to keep me there!

Sitting at my desk in my bedroom shows how easy it is to waste time. I've woken up since 10am and sat here infront of the laptop for almost 2 hours now with no work done..even though i know i ought to finish my summer reading soon, or at least attempt to get most of it done before next week, which i'll dedicate 100% to ukcat practice etc ..

luckily i got a research project allocated for my 3rd year, and so far i don't know much about it other than its based on Alzheimer's Disease, which is pretty good since i really enjoyed studying it last year in my molecular medicine module (yay i got a 1st for this module ^^) .

Though i've been told "a previous knowledge of neuroscience is extremely helpful.... " which basically meant my supervisor has set me to read ~400 pages out a neuroscience book and several j0urnals and articles before i meet him....

perhaps i should work now... er...not in the mood......


Sad i din't get an interview through the graduate screening scheme at KCL, and internal selection scheme which guarantees an interview for their students for the 5year MBBS if succesful. I would have loved to continue on at kcl, as i love the atmosphere here and the location and people are all v.friendly..but with the failed GSS attempt, im definately not going to apply to kcl this september as i feel my chances here have already been considered.

This sort of makes me start to feel the stress of medicine application as i've received my first rejection even before the round of ucas applications have started! (>.<)

With that in mind i also feel the pressure for my ukcat exam next friday... as so much lies on the test and a poor result on the ukcat can almost kiss goodbye my chances of getting an interview for medical school this year.. let alone an offer...

Also .. ukcat results should help me decide where to apply more or less, though my confidence has hit rock bottum..

lets just see how things go next week first...........

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

after the summer vacation

All the stressful revision went well and i finally back from my almost 3 month long holiday.

Somehow managed to pull through second year getting a highish 2.1 (67.5% average) which i think i was lucky to even get a 2.1 this year being such a lazy bum until the easter period...
but it does give me hope that hopefully this year i'll be able to pull off a 1.1 if i work hard from the here starts the early reading ~.~

Application for medschool starts again soon enough... it feels like im doing alevels again in the sense that i feel its my last chance to get into medschool and that so much rests on the summer exams to come... just like alevel.. however this also brings back the bad memories of how i managed to miss my offer back then by a few ums marks... i am scared i may do the same this year..but fear isn't necessarily a bad leasts its making me wanting to work harder this year and make sure i dont repeat a little part of history best left in the past...!

i have my ukcat exam coming up next friday 31st august... i hope all goes well and i get a good score to boost my i have to admit my alevel grades are not stunning andwell my gcse grades..they are hardly spectacular either...hence the need to get a nice-ish score.... but i feel its going to be another matter of luck... as im not too sure how to go about revising for this ....!

I do know deep inside that there is a possibility i will get 4 straight rejections, and thats not something unexpected as medicine has been known to be highly competitive..and if thats the case for this year, i will just work my butt off and apply to medicine again once i have graduated.