Sunday, 22 March 2009

time not well spent

The ward sister gave me a good few days off to allow me to prep for the warwick interview, but since my shift on wednesday i've fitted in a game of badminton, iceskating, went out for dinner twice, watched a film ( The Unborn - it was RUBBISH!) and did very little in the form of interview prep (apart from having chosen what i'm going to wear).

Hopefully i'll get some prep done today, before i take the coach up to leamington spa tomorrow morning, but to be really honest i have no idea how i can prepare for the selection centre - as its still quite a mystery to me as to what actually happens (i've read the forums - theres a group task, an interview, and something about nice chocolate muffins). What i do know.. is my friend has a lot of activities planned for after the interview (yay), which is then sadly followed by 5 consecutive night shifts starting on the wednesday night i return to london.


Anonymous said...

i saw you today (i think)

Tofu said...

did i get to speak to you?
if so i think i must have come across as being a bit odd..(i blame it on a mixture of nerves, and generally being a bit shy).

Just 2-3 weeks of waiting! Good luck ^^

Tofu said...

ah, just noticed the date of your post, i was there on the 24th, so you didnt have the misfortune of chatting to a very nervous me.