Sunday, 27 September 2009

First Week

I did plan to update after the first day at BL, but i think i've already slipped into my old student routine of pushing things back for later... so i'll have to settle with blogging about my 1st week instead ^^

Things on a whole have been going well, theres not really that much going on as its the typical induction week; however there was this GREAT welcome lecture on friday (i don't want to go into great details in case i ruin it for others) which was a combination of shock, fear, laughs and feeling stupid right at the end for believing it all from the start ^^, if this is BL, then i think i'm going to love it!

Freshers fayre was another highlight of the week (!!) - a concise medical dictionary, highlighters in the shape of syringes, and random pens were nice gifts, but i think the free mini oxford handbook of clinical medicine was the cherry on top! (especially since i was planning on buying it!).

Roll on week 2, and my first session of PBL on Tuesday!


Joey said...

Stumbled across your blog today, randomly, as I was googling UKCAT and found your ukcat entry from last year. I have my test tomorrow and I'm absolutely bricking it; I'm also a biochemistry grad, just graduated in July, and your entries have given me hope somewhat!
Congratulations on being at medical school:)

Joey said...

Also, just to add, I also missed my conditional A2 offers back at college, so I know how chuffed you must be to finally be at medical school!:D

Tofu said...

Thanks Joey ^^

Good luck with the UKCAT tomorrow!! Its weird, having finally made it after the fall at alevel, it just feels sort of surreal to be honest, and a huge dollop of relief to know the 3 years doing the bsc has got me back to where i wanted to be after alevels. Good luck with your application!