Friday, 20 November 2009


Being a science grad on an undergraduate course, I get the:

"you'll do fine, you've done this all before"

comment quite a lot, and if i'm being honest, i'm sure i've muttered those words among the grads a few times myself. It's a bit of a weird feeling, even more so now that the.....

FUNMED assessment is in 7 days time!!

OK i don't really know the exact weightings, but i think its worth like 27% of paper A overall.... and the spotter component makes up 5% of the 27%....
so its decided, im giving up on the spotter!

(well i'll revise a bit of it, and have my fingers crossed for the bits of anatomy and microanatomy i like to pop up, but im not going to stress over it too lets hope i've made the right decision!)

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Sengcheek said...

you've so done it all before :P Gd Luck!