Saturday, 12 December 2009

Funmed moving on HD

Funmed has finally been drawn to a finish with the last of the section results out. Slighlty miffed by my B, (esp. when i'm only 2% from an A gahhh). Well it will only serve as some motivation for the next set of ICAs in feb.. but until then, its relaxing time.

After funmed exams i was like: "OK this it it!" and I was so keen on keeping notes up to date and learning as i go along; but once again i have fallen back on my lazy ways. So far i've done notes for 1 lecture in the last 2 weeks, and i've probably spent more time out ragging on the one day of rag, than i have on reading through text books. So whilst im relaxed now, i'm going to have to work during this X'mas break (officially a week away! ^.^)

Generally, i would say HD isn't very difficult (it is, when compared to funmed), but its definately a case of a LOT of information, in a very short space of time. >.< (... and i always feel like i don't have enough time)

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