Friday, 25 March 2011

HSPH, and free pizza?


ARGHhhhhhhhhhhh.... I thought I saw the last of you at AS-levels,  but alas you have made it back into my life.. and this time you're ten times more boring, and with every little bit of you, there's a whole paper to critique! (>.<) PBL sessions have never taken this long to prepare, and this dry to sit through!

HSPH stands for ... Damn it ... its quite a fail on my behalf really ... can't remember what the H and the S stands for, but the PH definitely stands for public health. (okay, I'm currently in a lecture as I type this and asked my friend .. its Human Science and Public Health) ... 2/3 weeks in ... and yeah .. it's been a lot of psychology, and just general epidemiology .. not looking forward to sitting this ICA!

on the topic of ica, half the results for the recent ica are back, just waiting to hear about the SAQ now, but so far I've not failed ^.^ yay! I have a bit of a bet going on with D, we both thought we flopped the exam, so we put a bet on, the person who does better has to buy the other a large vegetarian hot pizza from pizza hut (okay again .. I just like tofu and veggie pizza, I'm jot a vegetarian!) ... and so far ... unbelievably.. we have the exact same mark for both our spotter and emq/sba papers! So its down to the SAQ ... pretty sure the pizza is mine .... cervical cancer I hate you.. but at least you got me a free pizza ^.^


rockystar said...

Have been following your blog, and want to say congrats on getting into med school! I'm also thinking of applying after I graduate, but I know so many people who tried and got rejected. Could you give me any advice on ways to strengthen my application/improve my chances? Do you think I still have a chance, even if my grades aren't amazing?


Tofu said...

Hi Rockystar,

Every applicant is different and so i really don't know what will make you stand out.. to be honest i did the very typical medical school applicant activities, volunteering, work experience and a job as a healthcare assistant. As long as your grades qualify, its a big bit of luck and your personal statement all the way.

Lots of work experience, make sure you reflect on your experiences in the personal statement, make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for, and keep those fingers crossed ^.^

Good luck rockystar!