Friday, 16 December 2011

End of term, and a surprise result (yay!!)

Yayeeeeee!!! Finally the long awaited 2 week holiday is about to begin!!

I'm looking forward to hibernating under my duvets, eating lots of festive food, seeing some old friends... and generally just having some time off ^^

CSP week 2 was challenging.. not so much because of the content, but more the freezing cold lecture theatre, and the inability to switch the heating on.. or switch the air conditioning off!!!! Everyone is sat here with coats, scarves, and hats still on.. and I've even had to put my gloves on too! It's so cold in here!!!

But yay! That's the 1st term done and almost dusted, ICA results to follow in January, and to end it all on a high note.. I got some fantastic news this week!!

We had an email sent out to us randomly about an exam board meeting with instructions to check blackboard for rankings, deciles and distinctions..... And I checked my results and was lucky to get a distinction for preclinical medicine ^^ - yay!!!!!!!!!!

(One of the best random emails ever!!)

Now ... Xmas and general relaxation till CR in January!!


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