Saturday, 21 January 2012

ECGs and the Cath lab.

ECGs remain hard and still manages without fail to send me into a sinus tachycardia when i get them passed onto me on the ward rounds (!!)
When a doctor picks up the patient's folder, and start clicking the binder open... i know the ECG is on its way !!..and is shortly followed with a: "So... medical students.. what do you think this is?"

I planned to have an ECG cram day today and have myself read ECG made easy.. but alas.. that didn't happen...tomorrow it is!!! - eeks.. i know i really shouldn't leave it too late.. as i only have 4 weeks of cardiology left.... and a viva exam at the end of the firm > . < (i have a feeling..they will slip an ecg in there!)


Cath lab - Yesterday i had the opportunity to sit in the Cath lab and observe a few angiograms and angioplasty being performed..which were pretty cool. The last time i sat in a Cath lab was when i was 17 for a spot of work experience... that was ages ago!

I sort of wish i started bugging the registrar a bit earlier.. as the other 2 medical students and myself just stood there looking at the screen and trying to work out which coronary artery was which, and if there was any narrowing among ourselves. We didn't really get much teaching until i started asking him questions.. it's really important to be pro-active on these firms... as if you don't ask... you sometimes just don't really learn anything from just being there.


4 more weeks of Cardio left.....

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