Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Post CR ICA Burn Out

As soon as i manage to find myself a seat on the train i will fall asleep, i struggled with my eyelids driving 10 minutes to my boyfriend's, and now the only thing i look forward to when i get home in the evening is a cup of tea and sitting in front of the telly. Couple this with having a headache for the 4th day in a row now.. Thank god my in firm and the ICA are over!!

From this firm, i've really learnt that "in firms" are really difficult for me! The long daily (hour plus journeys each way) travels into the East end of London is INCREDIBLY draining; and after 9 weeks of early starts and late finishes, and with the CardioResp ICA chucked in, i am absolutely drained!!

Roll on the 2 weeks of lectures... CSP and Met3a (Gastro. and Vascular Surgery teaching)! For once, i actually look forward to just sitting down in a lecture theatre for 2 weeks, Easter, and finally back out of London for my out firm to finish the year!
CR ICA Exam:

So yesterday i sat my CR ICA, which wasn't as bad as i thought it could have been. I started the paper pretty badly, being thrown off with the first two questions which seemed so simple, but had me confused for quite a while. Things got better as i progressed through the paper, with a few obvious ECGs thrown in and a blood gas analysis at the end of the paper.

I've had a pretty tough time getting my head around ECGs, i think i've made a little progress, but have to admit, unless the pathology is pretty clear, i would probably miss it! Luckily the ECGs in the ICA had a clear 3rd degree heart block, and my favourite.. irregularly irregular rate... it's Atrial Fibrillation!

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