Sunday, 16 September 2012

Starting Obs & Gynae firm

An intro week (which could have probably been compacted into 2 days), and a week of O&G lectures later... i'm now ready to start the firm!

It's a 5 week firm, the first week in the community (GP placement) and 4 weeks at the hospital.

This will be the first time in 3 years that I've had a complete week at the GP practice (from year 1 -3 we would attend on the same day, once every other week), and so instead of just experiencing what the GP would do every Tuesday, I now get a flavour of the entire week. It also means I don't get the disruptions from the hospital part.

Now no post about in-firms will be complete without my travel moans.

Living at home has its perks; it's cheaper, I have the company of my lovely parents, and.. the list goes on. However, as my hospital placement is an IN-FIRM, I've been placed rather far from home, and it means 4 weeks of leaving the house at 07:17am to get to the hospital by 09:00am...

I will be needing that morning cup of coffee (or 2)!

But for now, it's a week of GP from tomorrow! (and a far short travel distance)

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