Saturday, 17 February 2007

ok i take back what i said in my last post about wanting to do law..that would be probably the last jobs/degree i'd do.. can't imagine sitting in an office with a bunch of paperwork 9-5 (if one is lucky!...could possibly be 9-9) days!

ok im digging a hole now, what i meant to say is.. forget last post, was a spur of the moment thing, down to anger, stress and actions before thinking!! -stress from the things happening in my life, which are slowly being resolved, but i have been left scarred for life on how cruel some people can be!


Curent thoughts:

--future rests on wether i attain a 2.1 / 1st!


funny quote from Scrubs :

Turk: "Err sir....that's pronounced analgesic not anal-gesic. Thats why your headaches haven't been going away. The pills go in your mouth"

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