Thursday, 8 February 2007

A Start!

milk.. well.. not a true fan of milk unless its mixed in with my cup of tea, in some sort of milkshake (though true milkshakes have icecream!) and of course.. over me cornflakes in the morn.
BUT i do like the taste of tofu-ey milk.... or put better as Soya Milk... ah~!!!nothing better!
rather have a glass of soya milk over a glass of wine.. (yuk wine! give me the crappy alcopop anyday! - i may regreat saying this when im older..but who knows!)

So Why the sudden feeling to blog, well perhaps i'd like to fill up some internet space with my useless thoughts, (though im guessing very few people/no one will be reading this) and perhaps write a bit about my academic life as opposed to my social life (pretty crappy!)

all together a very average student; the typical student who doesnt achieve well (lacks of A*/A) and manage to just get away passing ok (B/2.1) every year.

whats next.. well... hopefully will be applying for medical school this september coming.. ah.. kicked myself a trillion times since i missed my offer by 10 ums marks ARGHHHHH and chucked my place to medical school ... ah.. if only back then i knew tv wasnt going to help me learn my bloody organic chemistry! ..ok well honestly.. i was just a lazy ass!

Now im struggling to keep up to date with uni work, im pretty screwed, looks like i will be spending time with dear library this weekend, and the nights to follow untill im done with exams!

Hopefully in years to follow i'll be reading back on this as a diary on my route through uni and "fingers and toes crossed" through medical school.

ah its 11pm now.. perfect timing to go do some more gentic cloning..hating genetics!

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