Monday, 18 February 2008

A Year in study or a year in Personal statement building?


Had my last rejection after interview from Barts and the London yesterday, and with that came a lost of emotions.. wasn't very sad, just pondered on the question as to what i might get up to next year..

OK being very honest it was my last hope for 2008, and of course i am slightly unhappy that i'm going to have to at least take a year out after uni now before i get anywhere close to becoming a doctor, but the rejection isn't going to put me off applying next year, and on a positive note.. perhaps a break would be nice...

....that said i've already finished completing my application form and going to ask my tutor for a reference and have that form sent out asap for postgraduate studies.

Its silly to think.. but being out of education is something that scares me, because i don't quite know what i want to do with myself.. (i know i sound like a wuss/ a lazy student who doesnt want to face reality etc etc)

should i get a job purely to boost my voluntary work and work experience for next year..but ..what if i get faced with 4 rejections for the 2009 ucas round?

if i do a postgraduate course.. will i just be building up more debt for no reason if i do manage to get into medicine.. then the MRes will be pretty useless.... (well that is if i even get an offer for the Mres now... sigh)...


should i be a complete doss about and take everyones advice and go travelling...? (this is a nice idea.. but i would hate to think i'd be going into more debt or spending my parents money for travelling because i couldn't get into medical school, didn't want to do a postgraduate course, and didn't get a job..)

....hopefully i'll be able to balance it out and have something constructive done next year, i guess things will work out one way or another when the time comes..

Having put my failed 2008 application behind me now, my goal is to graduate with a 1.1 ..this is going to be hard as exams are very close.. but im going to give it everything it takes.. and if i dón't get it..well then im going to look very silly/stupid..but oh wells, i can only try my hardest and be positive.

i wish everyone good luck for those who are still waiting to hear from their 2008 ucas application, and for those with summer exams looming... we can do it !

Will Be Working Hard for UCAS 2009!!!!!

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Michael said...

Bad luck, part of me had thought that your Barts interview was the one offer you needed, but I guess it didn't work out in the end. I have to admit I've considered what I'd do if I got 4 rejections and am no nearer to deciding on what the best route is. Like you, I could apply for an MSc/MRes, but I wouldn't really being doing it for any reason other than in an attempt to stay in higher education... which I'm not sure is the best reason to blow another few thousand quid.