Sunday, 9 March 2008

No more western blotting!!

After the past 3 grueling weeks of early starts and late finishes at the Wolfson CARD, i can finally say after over 100+ western blots... i have finally finished the lab based component of the project, and can sit down and work on the write up..!!

Though... after all the hard work and effort.. i managed to prove my hypothesis doesn't work.. and my experiment showed no difference what-so-ever... so im going to have to spend the next 17days writing up my 10k paper and explain and back-up why it did not work.. ! >.<

The weather picked up a few days ago, so i decided to have a walk along the river after i finished my last experiment.. well it was more a walk to visit someone.. and walking there seemed like a good idea as i had an hour to spare, but a little stroll ended up as a walking tour between the 3 main campuses at kings.

Started my walk at New Hunt's House (Guy's Campus, london bridge), made a quick stop at borough market to pick up a sarnie, then headed off along the river side, past the tate modern, then on to the royal festival hall where i got a peek at the Franklin Wilkins Builing (waterloo campus, waterloo), and finally up and across waterloo bridge where i caught sight of the london eye, big ben and the houses of parliament. At the other end of the bridge was the Strand campus (Strand)..and from then i gave up and jumped onto a bus to get to my destination..

if you are un/lucky enough to come to kcl and so happen to be an international student turning up to the induction day..this will be a walk you'll be taken remember to wear comfortable shoes ^^

sorry the photos are taken with my they are a bit out of focus >.<

Post-grad applications are sent now, so its just going to be a long wait (hopefully not toooo long) before i hear back..

17 days left until dissertation deadline.. and only 9 more days until my final lecture at KCL ..!! Graduation date has also been set for the 23rd-july-2008 ..with the new very snazzy KCL vivienne westwood designed gowns and the new kcl certificates... even though the gown sounds very nice.. i really can't imagine a gown looking any different..and if it did look very different from what gowns traditionally look like.. i may not like it.. even if it is supposidly "designer".... however.. i think i should be worrying about the final exams (less than 60 days away!) as opposed to the design of the gown!!

As for medicine application 2009.. anyone up for taking part in a BMAT revision class in london?? .. i guess its going to be quite unlikely seeing as most people taking it will already be doing 3 sciences at alevel.. whilst i'll be stuck with questions on basic gcse physics!!


Michael said...

Where are you applying for your MSc/MRes degrees? What subjects are you applying for?

Tofu said...

well i have sent off my application for Biochemical Research MRes at imperial college as my first option, and their genetics MSc as my second (you can choose up to two courses per post grad application for ic). i'm also applying for neuroscience at UCL. Biomedical & Molecular Sciences Research Msc for KCL.

i'm not too sure if i want to apply for pharmacology msc at kcl too, i really enjoyed studying for it in my first year, and i heard pharmacology is quite tough through medical school, so i guess it would be a helpful msc to apply for..

but then again i don't want to apply to too many things, as..

a) my referees will find it annoying preparing so many references

b) because i more or less have applied for the courses at the uni i want to go to in order, so hopefully i'll hear back from them first before i apply to other unis randomly.

i found the website:
very very very helpful, and may be of interest to you if in the worst case scenario for which you have to apply for a msc/mres before starting medicine.