Wednesday, 9 April 2008

UKCAT 2008 key dates update

UKCAT 2008 Key dates

UKCAT registration opens:
1 May 2008

UKCAT testing begins:
07 Jul 2008

Bursary and voucher application deadline:
26 Sept 2008

UKCAT registration deadline:
26 Sept 2008

UKCAT testing deadline:
10 Oct 2008

UCAS application deadline:
15 Oct 2008


ahhhh...the dreaded ukcat returns! now... for an early exam date or a later one... hm....


Revision started well and slowly grounded to a halt as i dossed away the weekend eating too much junk and watching too much tv..

.... though reading back on an old post of mine, from april last year... i realised its not a one-off..and infact this seems to happen this time of year... EVERY YEAR...

Hence, i decided to change my revision tactics, and opt for the same option as last year.. to go into the library and revise at night when the telly is good, thus being at the library i avoid all temptations to watch tv (i will be missing desperate housewives tonight!!!), and sleep during the day. This will definantly ruin my sleep pattern, but hey.. if it gets the work done, then its well worth it.

however...this wouldn't be possible without the presence of the fantastic 24 hour library facilities on every kcl campus! up until uni i never really felt the need to use the library other than to borrow books, and i have to admit.. i was one of them annoying immature teenage kids who used the library as a social club, with revision as a bad excuse to meet in groups at the library to work (a little), and chat (a lot).

I guess having grown up a little bit, being at the library definately sets a different atmosphere with added pressure to be working and, of course being away from temptations such as the television or the computer really helps me to settle down into working mode. Hopefully all the hard work this year will be reflected in my results, but only time will tell.


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Lily said...

Clearly you've never been stopped and chatted to for an hour by the crazy security guard who works 5 out of 7 nights a week at the moment.

...I've taken to revising at home because chatting to him takes up so much time.