Monday, 31 March 2008

BB0333 revision

Today protein folding has officially become my favourite protein topic and i bloody well hope it comes up this summer!!

Although i've always done well in protein modules, attaining at least a high 2.1 in protein related modules during both years, its definately one of my least favourite modules, and indeed it sometimes makes me question whether i should have stuck with medical biochemistry which has a great immunology component (and no protein !!)... but then again immunology is very very hard.. and if i ever get into medical school, i know its the topic i'd be dreading most!

Today, after almost 3 years of studying biochemistry, i sat down and had a good chew through protein folding, and i'm starting to appreciate protein structure a lot more. I guess in the past years i literally passed exams by regurgitating a lot of facts and notes (i have a very good short term memory), and then forgetting it after the exams; but i think today i managed to grasp the key concepts of protein folding, and now thinking back, i regret not prioritising "learning" over "remembering facts" during the past 2 years.

though when it comes to looking up answers, i go back to my lazy way of researching online.

whilst having a dig about online for "Anfinsen's Dogma", i found a fun and interesting blog of a biochemistry lecturer i'd like to reccomend:


[ P i L L o w ~] said...

Dont lie balently u 'googled' the most sexiest old hair biochemistry lecturer!lol

anyway..HAppi Birthday bbbb.

love u xxx

Tofu said...

well i wouldn't say he's the sexiest biochemistry lecturer.. wait a few years..and i may take that title haha..
ok jokes aside, he does seem like a really fun biochemistry lecturer though, perhaps kcl can do with a fun biochemistry lecturer from now and then..!