Monday, 4 August 2008

UKCAT 2008 -> where to apply?

Ok, so after my UKCAT test today (2nd time i've taken the damn exam!), the UKCAT still remains a horrible experience, with unpredictable outcomes!

VR - 620
QR - 740
AR - 640
DA - 650

average: 662.5

Although i've made an improvement on my score from last year, on a whole i am quite dissapointed with my 662.5 average. I was hoping i could be in the low 700's so i could have a fair shot at GEPs this year, but with my UKCAT score this year, i'm pretty lost as to where i should apply, and whether i should risk it and apply for a few GEPs - i previously had my eye on Barts, IC, KCL and Warwick GEPs, but im not sure if i should apply to any of these anymore.

I guess, the results of my GSS application would ultimately decide whether i apply for KCL 4year or not to KCL at all, but in terms of the others..well i guess i will just have to look into their selection process over the summer.

In terms of 5 year courses, i think i will definately apply to Barts (the atmosphere there is really unique - in a good way!).. but i think they must be pretty fed up with me by now. Back in 2005, i had a medicine offer from them at A-level, but missed my grades; i applied again last year during my BSc, had an interview and messed that up too....(i was really nervous that day!) all in all this will be my 3rd time applying to them !!!

i might also apply for BSMS again this year, its a silly reason, but staying in - or near London shouldn't be a big factor in deciding where i want to apply..but.. in reality.. it really is.

My friend had previously asked me what was more important to me... to study medicine or to stay in london?? - and whilst i really do want to study medicine, it did make me think. I'm sure if it came to that, i would choose medicine..but why can't i have both.. (ok i know about the competition), but it would be quite ideal if i could.... so that leads to my other question...

should i sit the gamsat for SGUL or even the BMAT for UCL - or just apply to a uni outside of London?

i know i really shouldn't be saying this, but if i had a lower score i would instantly settle for applying for 5 year courses, if i had a higher score i would apply for GEPs, but with a score thats neither really good or really bad, i don't really know what to apply for!

(note to self: i really ought to stop moaning so much!)

Anyways, if anyone does type in "UKCAT free practice questions" or something along those linews into google and get sent onto here (i noticed from my stats widget that people have been typing these into search engines and unluckily ended up here.. along with random questions in the past related to soya milk and cancer...) here are a few links i found really helpful in terms of UKCAT practice:



Sengcheek said...

your score is good! So use it to your advantage.

If location is important to you, then use it - though the bmat is damn hard if i remember!

Tofu said...

the ukcat score is quite annoying though..its good for 5 year courses, but not good enough for 4 year courses i don't think.. so its a hard choice between applying to 4 or 5 year courses.. as preferably i would like to apply for the 4years >.< !

chris said...

warwick - 4 year as they'll like your first. Similarly barts

you'll probably have to give up IC and KCL GEPs as they rank by UKCAT to call for interview

As a biochem grad you'll probably like the UCL 5 year - but I wouldn't recommend it for a biology/biomed grad.

Tofu said...

Thanks for your input Chris, i don't mind, andgactually prefer hearing honest opinions. ^.^

I also felt that perhaps applying for IC and KCL 4 years would be pushing my luck a bit too far.. and did consider Warwick and BL 4 or 5 year.

Though i'm not sure having a first would really help at barts or warwick.

Having applied to Barts in the past, i felt that they were an institution which looked for applicants who had volunteered/done work experience and know what they are letting themselves into, as opposed to only interviewing applicants who had top grades etc.

May i ask why you feel that a biochem grad would be more suited to the UCL course as opposed to a biomed/biology grad?

i do want to apply to UCL, not only course and location wise, but i have friends on the course who really reccomend it... BUT the BMAT is quite an obstacle!

Anonymous said...

well, (from what i know from friends etc.) UCL tends to do everything in so much detail and with lots of lectures. In the first year of the IC 6 year course, you're only in school 3 days a week some of the time, and short hours too. While at UCL its 9-5 most days. But then UCL doesn't do much biochem. So if you've done a biomed degree you might find that you'd need to unlearn everything (unless your degree was at UCL in which case it would be boring but also a doddle!)

yeah barts seems to want the experience and committment more than top grades as it isn't exactly an academic course, while the IC, UCL and KCL are. but you probably do have all of that so go for it ;)

Anonymous said...

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