Sunday, 3 August 2008

UKCAT tomorrow (T.T) + HCA interview

Its not been too long since my last post, but i have the UKCAT tomorrow, and following the trends of my blog, it ultimately means i have come here and moan!

I'm taking the exam at quite a central location in London, so a major concern would be having to fight my way through the traffic, and put my fate in the hands of the public transport..and of course worrying about the actual exam!

So hopefully, after my UKCAT, i will have some idea of where i will want to apply to this year and whether i will have to sit the bmat and/or gamsat this year too... i'll just leave the thinking for tomorrow!

Oh and of course..its already August, so hopefully i'll hear from my GSS application sometime soon.. i wouldn't recommend anyone to apply for an undergrad. at KCL just to have a shot at the internal selection screening for medicine..but for those who un/luckily ended up doing an undergrad here, it only takes 10 minutes to fill the form in for an extra chance!

Anyways, on a nicer and less exam and application orientated note, i have 2 job interviews this coming week, which is a nice change from the last post. 1 for a HCA job, and the other is rather unrelated so i won't bother mentioning it here.

I'm happy with an interview for the HCA job and am even really looking forward to the maths and english test they are making me sit, though im not sure how likely they will be offering the job; as i phoned them up previously and asked on the liklyhood of making it a weekend job, and it didn't sound too promising, though they told me to apply anyways and ask about it at the interview, so lets hope they need some extra weekend help (fingers crossed)!! If not, i guess i will have to then hope my application for working as a care assistant at the elderly care home will be succesful.

Random: Does anyone actually understand the Oasis cactus man advert?!

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Sengcheek said...

I heard back from KCL around the mid-August regarding the internal application.

Good luck for tomorrow, think quick!