Wednesday, 5 November 2008

bmat 2008

OK... so it wasn't as bad as last year (i risk sounding really stupid now if i do badly in comparrison to last year *.*).

I woke up early with some time to spare, and rather than studying my list of equations, i went downstairs to have a pot of baked beans..them really lazy ones in a plastic microwaveable pot... yes i had no idea why, but with the prospects of having the bmat later on in the morning, i developed a craving for baked beans.

Anyways, i got there early, stood in a que for another 15 minutes or so, went into the examination room with a 50 odd other bmat-ers, and after a few complaints about not having a clock in the room and random problems with not having enough answers sheets etc, we finally got the exam started!

Section 1 - wasn't too bad... but the questions about breast cancer probability with right handed and left handed people was quite annoying!

Section 2 - was harder this year, probably because i hadn't revised the correct material, and had to make stupid random guesses at the last few questions as i ran out of time, and had to just fill in the circles without even reading the questions... oh and i didn't like the question with cycling and travel .. or was that section 1 .. akkkk i can't remeber now

Section 3 - was really quite generous this year, it has been the only section 3 i've seen where i actually understood all 3 titles.... i did just choose essay 2 at the end; mumbling on about quality of life, patient autonomy and benificence.

So in summary:
Section 1 - ok
Section 2 - crap
section 3 - ok

Now a wait till December 1st to find out exactly how badly it went!

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