Tuesday, 18 November 2008

X'mas ward rota

The long awaited X'mas ward rota is finally out!

- GLAD i'm off on the major dates : x'mas eve, x'mas day, new year's eve and new years!
...and only having to work on the 23rd, 26th and 27th, and then im off for a week from the 28th! So i'm a happy HCA during the main Xmas period!

Sadly i can't say the same for the upcoming next 3 weeks - with 7 night shifts in short space of 21 days, mixed in with a handful of day shifts... the worst part is having a long day shift on sunday followed by a row of 4 night shifts starting.. on the monday following! AKK! i expect a backache and bad moody patches.

in terms of med applications.. my track hasn't changed basically.

Still havn't heard anything yet since the interview, and i suspect i won't hear anything anytime soon either, but that doesn't stop me from stupidly checking track at stupid times of the day "just in case" - i doubt even the most zealous of admin staff will update track in the early hours of the morning... but oh well.. it helps me sleep better.

and something random
i want a lomography fisheye 2 camera! a bit of an expensive toy, but i want one!

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