Thursday, 30 April 2009

End of UCAS 2009

All the waiting for kcl has resulted in a big rejection, and whats worse is im still having to wait for ucas to send me an email with an afternoon notification to rub it in even more (damn my own random ucas checking routine)!

The final results:

I was slightly sad as going back to kcl would have felt like home, and could have been the cherry on top of the ucas application sundae, but on the other hand i'm ready for a new change - and to be honest, im already over it, and super glad i'll finally be going somewhere this september on my 3rd ucas application (!!) - although i'm slightly scared and super excited mixed into one!

now back to mulling over the decision of qmul 5 year and warwick gep >.<

I've also handed in my resignation letter to the ward sister, and had quite a funny moment at work the other day when out the blue a FY1 came over to me to ask "can paracetamol be given to a patient up the bum?" - her exact words. I honestly didn't have a clue.


Ash said...

Did I ever get back to you about why I chose Barts over Warwick?

Tofu said...

Hi there Ash,

and nope, i never got a message from you about why barts over warwick, though i would really like to know. Its a really tough decision, im sure you already know from experience! ^^

Anonymous said...

Did you find out the answer to the bum question?

Tofu said...

She looked it up in the BNF (we have loads lying around the ward), and supposidly it can! - though im not sure in what mode, i wasn't there on the night shift to see/ask.

Anonymous said...

Lol at the bum question! Congratulations on gaining a place this year :) I'm also thinking of applying to do medicine, however at the moment I'm doing my PhD. Thinking about getting a part-time job as a HCA - can I ask how you went about applying for your HCA job? Do I need previous experience or do they train you on the job? Sorry for all these questions ...the whole process is a lot more complicated than I originally anticipated!

Thanks in advance :D

P.S. When you applied did you tell them it was your intention to use the experience you would gain to apply for medicine? Were they OK with that?

ChezziePoop said...

Hi Tofu,
I found you blog recently and have just finished reading it from the begining, can i just say, what a It was fab to read and a big congratuations on your 1st in your BSc a massive achievement. And then to get an offer for Barts the place your heart has belonged to since A Levels, perfect. Now you have the horrible hiatus of trying to decide between the conventional 5 year course at Bart or the accelerated graduate entry programme at Warwick. I really hope you end up making the best decision for you and that you continue to blog whilst at med school as i'd love to see how you story continues. Best of luck.
BTW, have you tried writing a list of pros and cons for each? it may be slightly easy once you got it all down on paper and in front of you.

Tofu said...

Hey Anon,

Thanks for the comment, and good luck with your phd! Getting work as a hca isn't too hard, as theres always a demand, especially if you don't mind working at a care home. To be honest, when i applied they did ask for a GNVQ level 2 in healthcare (or sth along those lines), but when i phoned up and asked, they said they will train me up for the qualification whilst on the job... though 6 months on i've heard nothing about it, and i don't think they even care anymore.

I was quite honest at my interview, and told them my reasons behind applying for the job, and they were all very supportive. Good luck with you application, let me know how it goes ^^!

Tofu said...

ChezziePoop thanks for your kind words! It has been a bit of a journey, but its been a good one, and im sure wherever i go i'll make the most of it - but the hard bit is deciding where. I've tried the whole pro and con technique, but i keeping finding more pros to each place, and it makes the decision even harder.. my mind changes almost every other day!

ucas said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks...