Thursday, 7 May 2009

How important is having a go at dissection?

Received an email from warwick today to remind me of the offer, and i suppose it was a poke to tell me to hurry up and make a decision, i hadn't really realised how long its been, as its already been almost month, and i still havn't made a decision.

Hope someone with experience could let me know how important having the experience of dissection or even pro-section is at medical school?? - i suppose this is the last bit of the decision process for me.

I'm even starting to find myself annoying, at how long its taking me to make my mind up!

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Anonymous said...

dissection is an optional module at barts, not sure about warwick though.

I would favour towards barts though, the recent talk on warwick sub-forum at newmediamed is quite scary heh.