Friday, 8 May 2009

Barts - Firmed

- Firmed on ucas: Bart's A100 here i come!

When i first told my friends they were all a bit shocked i hadn't gone with the gep - but i think its a decision i won't regret. (i gathered they work out costing about the same, so i might as well take my time and make the most out of it, afterall i only get to do medical school once ^^)

Now just 21 more shifts as a HCA, 4 days of annual leave, and a summer break to go!


Ash said...


Sengcheek said...

That is a shock but good luck!

Anonymous said...

good choice :)

ChezziePoop said...

good luck :)

Cherie said...

Y'know, I recently read your blog and looked at your past entries. I too am a gapper, also working in a hospital as a healthcare assistant and reading your blog was almost CREEPY as you seemed to have captured everything I think! I too am a graduate hoping to study medicine and I completely understand your circumstance.

It was your entry regarding the night shift that I first read and I found myself agreeing with all of your statements.

I totally empathise with how on your first day you wanted to quit. I agree with you when you say the job is "mind numbing" - I find I'm not being challenged mentally at all, yet at the same time it IS a learning experience; we are seeing what working on a ward is like, we are learning of interesting cases, we are getting to experience the caring side of the health profession... So I suppose I like and dislike it at the same time.

Well, just thought I'd tell you this! I'll definitely continue reading your blog...thanks for writing it! And congrats about Barts...I'm really happy for you :)

Ps: Out of curiosity, how long would you have worked as an HCA by the time you leave?

Tofu said...

Hi Cherie,

Glad i'm not the only one out there experiencing the two sides of HCA work. I have to admit it had been a great experience, but there are times where i just really dislike the job.

Thanks for the reply, good luck with your applications (!!). In answer to your qu - i would have completed ~9 months as a HCA before i leave (didn't realise it was that long till i had a count of it just now!).