Thursday, 27 August 2009

GEP upgrade?

Received an early phone call this morning from an unknown number. Instantly i thought it was going to be telly-sales, though surprisingly rather than having a chatty lady trying to upgrade my mobile, it was a call from Barts saying i can go onto the GEP course (!!!)
.....BUT starting 2010!

Its a VERY tempting offer, and one i have to make a decision on by next tuesday!


- GEP funding (less debt!)
- Graduate the same time as i would if i start on the 5 year this September
- No need to reapply on ucas, as it will just be deferred


- Not sure if i can manage the workload
(a BIG worry, as i rather do the 5 year and pass, than to do the 4 year and fail at the first hurdle!)

- Was really geared and ready to start this September
- Not sure what to do with another gap year

Currenlty finding this a really difficult decision to make!

- on a random note, i have an interview tomorrow with kaplan, for a part time teacher of the UKCAT! (randomly found the job advert online!)


Russell Eaton said...

Don't kill yourself drinking soy milk. See

Sengcheek said...

Clearly depends on how much debt you want to be in. GEP medicine ain't hard so i doubt academics should be a factor, you did get a 1st in your last degree. You could use the gap year to perhaps earn money/see the world etc. I guess I don't actually see a downside to doing the GEP programme as I'm sure you'll be just as geared up to do it next september!

But well to be fair, whatever choice you choose, you'll end up studying/practising medicine, so at least it's a win-win situation!

Lily said...

You're clearly very bright if you got a 1st in your degree so I'm sure you could handle GEP.

This extra year could give you a chance to do the travelling you didn't get to do this year.

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