Friday, 7 August 2009


My plans for a holiday never happened at the end, no one can ever predict an accident, and neither did i expect my mum to fracture her spine and break a rib after a slip. So since then its been a major operation for mum (2 plates and 8 screws), a bit of an emotional rollercoster of a summer, and putting all the HCA skills to good use looking after mum post-op. Thankfully she is gradually on the mend, and just a checkup in September to make sure the screws havn't loosened, so its fingers crossed until then; but as the surgeon told us, "if you have to have another operation, then you have to have another operation, thats the way it is".

Medical school wise, track finally changed to Unconditional a few weeks ago, and as my mum's friend made a visit yesterday i quickly went over (it was still the hour plus journey!) to the Whitechapel student office, showed my documents and got my CRB sorted. So now £41 poorer, its just a wait until September!

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Anonymous said...

Hope your mum is better. And good luck in Sept :D