Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lazy SSC

Woohooooo, the ICAs are over!
thinking about it, i'm probably just over half way done with 1st year now! ^^ time does fly!! (there is always the obstacle of the summer exams, but i'm trying not to scare myself just yet)

The spotter this time was a lot better, i felt so much more prepaired, and for once i looked at the image and actually knew what the arrow was pointing to! Can't say i felt the same for the SAQ/EMQ paper though, my mouth dropped open as i tried to recall as much info as i could from a CR practical session on the ... VITALOGRAPH.. oh and the question about the ECG lead! (this will haunt me for quite a while!), i didn't revise the practicals and that probably hit my chances of passing pretty hard.

Well, whats done is done now, just a relaxing wait for exam results, whilst i enjoy my 2 weeks of self-study SSC lazyness.

I managed to get Membrane Transport, not so exciting, but a well needed break from 9-5 lectures. Not much to talk about really, i literally went into uni to pick up a self study pack, went home, and now have an exam on it next monday and friday, and thats simply it. I'm tempted to do a spot of travelling!

Can't say i'm not jealous of those who managed to get Dissection though! I spoke to a few people who are complaining about their 10-5 shedule, and wish they had the 2 weeks off (though they are in the minority, most people seem to be loving it!); whilst i wish i got a spot of "cadaver juices on my lab coat" and have "hands that smell of formaldehyde" >.<

I'm definately putting dissection as first choices for both sscs next year!


Lily said...

Is it bad that I don't know what a vitalograph is?

Tofu said...

Haha, possibly not, after a google of it when i got home, i think they were trying to make us think of the spirometer.
i'm more concerned by my lack of knowledge of what the different leads are for on the ecg ><! or in fact, one question asked where one lead in particular should go, i really had no clue. :(

Anonymous said...

Congrats for getting through them, Tofu. I'm sure you did fine.

Whoever is complaining about dissection is an idiot. And if only your hands smell of formaldehyde and only you lab coat is covered in juice...then you're doing something wrong lol

super idiot said...

stupid exam it was indeed.

Grumpy Biomed said...

Membrane transport (actually all cell biology) is horrible :P

And I know what you mean about time flying by! :O