Sunday, 14 November 2010

Nov - Catch up

Ok so from when i last posted, MedSoc has only gotten worse!

This week i've moved on from measuring waistlines to spend my tuesday afternoon from 1.30pm to 5pm observing a technician take photos of the macula and the optic disc of patients... it was like watching a robot work on a factory line!!

A patient would walk in, she would ask the patient to sit, snap of the right eye, snap of the left, tells the patient they'll hear in 2 weeks, and repeat. I don't understand why i had to stay there for so long (>.<). I even tried to take a learning moment and ask her to explain what was shown on screen, for me to then discover that her answer to everything was "the patient has too much sugar" and she had originally applied for the job as receptionist, but they needed a technician. So yep... I HATE YOU MEDSOC!

That aside...... many more exciting and fun things have happened since then!

- Kumar lecture take 2!
Everyone, and i mean everyone loves her! (some a little too much, some people even went to get her to sign their K&C's after the lecture, though if i lived closed enough to uni i might have done the same - that book is too heavy for me to just throw in my bag!), though to be honest i preferred her lecture last year. The layout was pretty much the same, she would give an awesome intro, and then her students would follow with clinical demonstrations, and she ended with her "rules of kumar". Love her!

Since my last post, the CR module has also finished, and we're half way through metabolism now.. I actually REALLY enjoy Metabolism this year, it was amongst my fave modules last year and it's not failing to keep me happy this year either - what can i say.. i have a huge soft spot for bits of biochemistry that spring up in this module.

And.. last but not least.. just 3 more weeks till the first set of ICAs for Year 2! >.< i'm not feeling ready to sit exams again just yet! i miss my holidays, and seriously can't wait till X'mas!

But before i get to put my feet up and sip tea all day, i have SSC2b in my way.. and this year, i won't be complaining, as i've managed to get my first choice:

1009 - Human Structure by Dissection: Thorax and abdomen

Now... back to finishing my PBL for tomorrow (>.<)

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