Saturday, 20 November 2010


13 days before my first ICA of the year, and my panic mode has sort of semi-kicked in.. and since we've recently been learning about the actions of cortisol, i predict my cortisol levels to be reaching new highs.

I tried starting the first evening of revision crams last night, with the whole mmmmmm i need coffee and sugar thing, and then ended up wasting my excess energy on youtube and repeats of friends on E4.... this was all whilst i was chomping through late night chinese take-away... so if exams dont go too well, at least i will now have more adipose tissue to keep me warm at Christmas.

But seriously, i keep telling myself, revision really does have to start! So the cram begins today! and then it will have to take a quick diversion tomorrow as we've been annoyingly set a PBL write up due in next week, a week before our ICAs!

Are ICAs not stressful enough without having to do a pbl write up too? - now that i have to do my write up..Please please please for the ICA let there be a SAQ on spontaneous pneumothorax...! :/


Grumpy Biomed said...

I love that graph. I know what you mean about the PBL write up, sometimes it feels like they pile everything on at the same time...

Anonymous said...

I've got my FunMed exam on friday and am still procrastinating :S
majorly worried hard is it really? I've heard about half the year fail a grad, I was hoping to do really well, but am now aiming for a pass :(


Tofu said...


PBL write up finally done! - painful!

Hi Joey,

Good luck with your funmed exam, there isn't much to worry about, its the first and perhaps my worst exam at barts, it just gets better from there, and the course defiantely gets a lot more intersting! ^^

and i think as long as you've done some work you should be fine, don't worry! it's the finals you should worry about!

Tofu said...

perhaps more constructive:

DO PAST PAPERS! makes a big difference. Talk to people in the year above and get their passed papers, and there's always docsm. :P