Wednesday, 27 April 2011

40 Days till Y2 finals

Okay, so 10 days on from my last post, and despite my crazy plans to have finished revising:

Met, HSPH, 2 weeks of Loco and 2 weeks of BB..

i've only just finished revising Met.. so that gives me an efficiency rating of 25%! Damn it!

- some things really don't change... and you would think having been at uni for 5 years now i should be good at setting achievable revision targets.. or actually sticking to them! (Wow.. i never thought of it that way.. but 3 years Bsc + 2 years of my MBBS!! ARghhhhh - i hate making myself feel old!!)

Just a few more days left, until we go back to uni.. and finish off our 2 weeks of Loco, hand in my last essay of year 2, and.............. panic!


4 teaspoons of nescafe in a mug washing down a huge bowl of rice to keep my energy levels up.. and 15 minutes later i fall asleep at my desk >.< FAIL!


ilovehotchocolate said...

Australian fairy bread also keeps me awake for all nighters. Butter a slice of bread and cover it hundreds and thousands :) yummy. Perfect mix of sugar and carbs.

Tofu said...

WOW! i've never heard of australian fairy bread before.. but i had to do a google and .. WOW that looks so sickly suggary sweet...... YUM! - it sounds weird.. but the further i am from being a child, the more i want the kiddy sugar coated food!

I'm actually going to give that a try.. the only problem is to source some 100s&1000s.

ilovehotchocolate said...

supermarket home baking aisle :) simple omnomnom.... almost an excuse to pull an all-nighter, just to have the excuse to make it