Monday, 4 April 2011

First day of Loco2 and my dodgy TMJ

1st day of the last module done... and im starting to get scared! Partially scared of the amount of work i need to cover again before finals, and the fear of my dodgy TMJ.

I've had TMJ issue for years now, (i blame my dentist and my wisdom teeth removal! - it's probably not him..but i'll just blame him for now) and i've always just not been too bothered to do anything about it.. it clicks now and then, dislocates, i've been referred to see a specialist and meh.. i've just left the referrel letter at home and continued to let it be..

..and now fast forward a few years.. and finally at medical school i start to get scared about things.. and yeh.. wish i got it seen to now as it seems increasingly willing to take every opportunity when i yawn or take a bite of my sandwich to want to pop out of place and leave my jaw in an awkward position.

This is rather cheeky, but i take the opportunity to volunteer for clinical skill sessions so i can get my different ailments seen to... saves time from going to the GP! Today was no exception, my friend went to ask the lecturer today about his dodgy knee.. and i took the opportunity to ask about what i can do about my dodgy TMJ without having to go visit my GP.. and simply put..

"Nothing..... it's just going to get arthritic in the future, might get some pain"!!!

i didn't see it as a problem until the FY1 started scaring me ... so..Okay.. i hate to admit this.. but Easter i might go to the gp just to see if i can get that referal letter again

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