Thursday, 29 September 2011

Packing for my first firm!


My first firm finally starts on Monday! - and to kick it all off, it's an outfirm... which means a spot of packing of the essentials to keep me alive for the next 9 weeks - along with a few set of smart clothes, and random bits and bobs to clutter up my room!! AND NO MORE daily 1.5 hour commute to and from uni each day!!!

... and here comes my moaning..

We were originally to collect our keys on Sunday so we can settle in before Monday, but due to some issues with the housing, we now have to register at the hospital at 10am on Monday and attend the intro talks and all.. but we won't be given our rooms until noon on the very same day!

So i will now have to wake up extra early on Monday morning to get myself out of London, and lug my suitcase of "essentials" with me for 10am..and sit in a talk with my pyjamas packed in the case sitting next to me > . < i was looking forward to no more 1.5 hour commutes!

Not really sure what i need to bring to be fair, it's my first time going to do a firm, and i really have no idea what an attachment involves...

- Will i have a lot of work - or should i bring something to read?

- Should i bring some relevant year 1 and 2 notes so i can revise the relevent bits - or will 3rd year be more clinical?

- Do i need a stethoscope (im bringing mine anyways) ?

- Will i be bothered to come back down to london on Wednesday for sports.. or will i just become even more unfit?

- How much coffee should i bring with me?

All very important questions =P

.... hmmm.... i guess i will soon find out!


Anonymous said...

I'll answer what I can:

Bring stuff to amuse yourself with.
Just bring the oxford handbooks and any other clinical text you think you need.
Yes you will need a steth.
Sport and Coffee = God knows lol

Have a good one!

Beth said...

I'd say yes to the something to read, but then I always take something to read, wherever I'm going, even if I'm just nipping into town... So, make of that what you will. Laptop and DVDs are a good entertainment option when on staying-at-the-hospital placements, too.

OHCM, a clinical skills book, and perhaps a larger clinical textbook if it fits -- this is probably where I'm meant to say Davidson's or Kumar and Clarke, but, truth is, my mainstay this year has been Medicine At A Glance.

Yes, take the stethoscope.

You will need LOTS of coffee but presumably there will be a supermarket or some such thing that you can get to.

Grumpy Biomed said...

Sounds really exciting! Are you gonna be in Essex?

Tofu said...


OHCM has definately been really useful, im going to plough through the renal section tonight before i sleep, didn't really realise how useful the book was until i sat down and had a read of it whilst trying to re-cap on what the Drs were teaching me today ^^

Stethoscope was also really useful too, i heard my first ever coarse crackle today!


Yup, i assume so.. my geography and general knowledge of the uk isn't great... but i did pass a welcome to essex sign on my way here ^^