Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I absolutely love love LOVE clinical years so far!
(Fair enough it has only been 2 days in.. but so far, it has been excellent!)

I'm currently on placement on an out firm, and it's been more than i could have hoped for. I'm not even sure where all the rumours about how bad the accommodation for this firm is comes from.. (then again this is my first firm so i have no parameters to compare it too... but so far... i'm really enjoying it!)

First off... the rooms are all ensuite, there is a common room with freeview tvs, on site parking (free), accommodation is on site to the hospital, the entire block is for medical students,.. and albeit a bit of a problem with the internet.. everything is pretty good! Hmmm okay i guess some would be unhappy with how far it is from anywhere... it took us around 20 minutes to drive to the local big tesco for our groceries >.<

When it comes to ward placements.. all the students are allocated to their own FY1 mentor and a consultant each.. and there's only 2 of us to a ward, so no overcrowding!

It's getting a tad late, but i really want to write about the sort of things i've got up to this week, (i will make another post this weekend!!), but just to end this abruptly.. this is a funny random conversation i had today whilst i sat in on my consultant's clinic, where he sprung a question on me:
Consultant (C) Tofu (T)

C: What tests are useful in assessing renal function
C: How would you do that?
T: Gold standard would be using innulin, a carbohydrate derived from jerusalem artichokes, it is neither secreted or reabsorbed, and is freely filtered and not metabolised...

...a few sentences later....

C: What's the difference between a jerusalem artichoke and the other ones? How do you eat jerusalem artichokes?
T: er... well i like to boil mine and dip the ends in butter..
C: I have only ever had the preserved ones


Dr Sunshine said...

Aren't jerusalem artichokes root vegetables and globe artichokes the ones you can dip the leaves? Why can't they give them different names?! So confusing!

Tofu said...

You're absolutely right! i came home that night and did a google, and it is the globe type that we normally eat :P eeeks.. my bad!!

and i agree, the name is awfully confusing!

"The misnamed Jerusalem artichoke has no real link with Jerusalem, and isn't related to other artichokes. It looks a bit like a knobbly pink-skinned ginger root and has a sweet, nutty flavour, reminiscent of water chestnuts."

Grumpy Biomed said...

I don't think I've ever had an artichoke :$

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