Saturday, 29 October 2011

Renal Firm over.. and now Public Health

Just as i've become really settled in on the ward, and struck a nice rapport with the doctors and the nurses, who saved chocolates and lemon sherbets for me.. and promised to find a urinary catheter for me to put in (though this never happened) i'm done with renal and have to move on! :(

.. and what could be worse.. i'm moving back to london for a week of.. PUBLIC HEALTH lectures! (zzZ) BUT i'm glad to be home ^^ - can't beat laying down on my own bed, and drinking tea from my favourite mug at home.... but annoyingly i've left my keys and oyster card in Essex, so i will have to be the annoying bum who needs people to open and lock the front door for me everytime i leave the house >.<

I really REALLY enjoyed renal medicine, and i know i will probably say this for EVERY firm i do... but.. i might even consider nephrology as a future career!! - in fact, i like it so much i arranged an SSC on renal transplant.. i may regret this.. but for now.. i love kidneys!

(i know i should be more open, and i'm sure i only love this so much, because it's my first ever taste of clinical medicine... but meh.. right now.. i'm loving the kidneys!)

Next Week: Public health lectures
Next Firm: Endocrine


Grumpy Biomed said...

Ha, are you one of those people that wants to specialise in whatever you're studying at the time? :P

Endocrine seems really interesting though...I really enjoyed learning about it last year, even though the exam was terrible!

Tofu said...

Eeeeks... Grumps at the mo, it really does seem like that >.< Not too sure but i think i could be wanting to be an endocrinologist by December :P

i do love endocrinology too, but... i had a rather bad experience at my diabetes placement in year 2, so i'm not off to an optimistic start.. (it's funny how one bad experience can change the way you see un-related experiences in the future)

3rd time lucky said...

Ahh I find this blog so inspirational. Just read it from the start and I can totally relate to it so much, just hope I will maybe be studying medicine sometime like you. But i've currently completed my degree and now working as a HCA like you did.

Tofu said...

3rd time lucky!

i was in your situation not very long ago too! i use to read medical blogs whilst i was doing my undergraduate degree and working as a HCA, just hoping hoping hoping that one day i will get to do the same ... and my dreams came true eventually! (i was a 3rd time lucky applicant ^.^)

I wish you the best of luck with your application, never give up!