Saturday, 18 February 2012

Goodbye Cardiology Firm

So that was my cardiology firm over, and my respiratory firm starts on Tuesday!

(no no.. i don't have Monday off, it's just GP placement day...
NOTE TO SELF: bring a sandwich)

I think being in London, the ward was always hectic, and i managed to see a lot of different pathologies, and had the opportunity to take several pain histories from patients presenting with myocardial infarctions, or an acute coronary syndrome of sort.

This was great for learning how to take a pain history!! However, in the past 4 weeks, i've not taken a single blood or done a single cannula, and not had an observed cardiology exam done, simply because the doctors are too busy, and there's simply too many of us on the ward... there's:

6 x 3rd years
2 x 5th years
2 x work experience students

... and by the time the 5th week had come round, only 4 students got observed doing a cardiovascular exam on one of the bedside teaching sessions.

I wouldn't say i'm dissapointed at all, because being in London, i knew the doctor's had a busy job to do, and in terms of learning pathology and history taking wise..this has been great!!

Simply put... you get out as much as you put in, and to be honest with myself, i've turned incredibly lazy since coming back to London.. hopefully respiratory firm will be more hands on ^^

To end the firm we had a mini quiz (good bit of emq practice) and that was it... good bye Cardiology....

Hello Respiratory medicine!

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