Tuesday, 14 February 2012


This post isn't very interesting.. its basically about how i managed to get my chilli con carne microwaved!!

Medsoc this term has been quite uneventful.

On my last GP placement, i would interview all the patients coming in to the Dr's clinic, and do quite a few random jobs and examinations... but at the current GP placement i've only seen 2 patients in the 2 visits, examined them both, and didn't get to take a history from either patient...Instead i've been instructed to prepare a 30minute odd presentation on a different topic each time....

GP placements can be so hit and miss!

That aside, this post is titled microwave, simply because my gp placement lacks one. Last week, the snow was still pretty thick, and being a bunch of 4 rather goofy medical students, we all thought it would be a good idea to go out to the town centre and buy microwave meals so we can have a warm lunch that day. It was a mission to make it back out to town (technically my gp placement falls under Essex, and it's pretty green .. and empty out where i;ve been placed!) but alas, we managed to brave it out and back without slipping and breaking any bones..to find that the practice has a dishwasher, and an instant hot water boiler thingy-mabob attached to the wall, but no microwave!

1 student gave up and settled for cafeteria food, but the 3 of us still hungry, and not willing to settle for sandwiches... we walked to hospital next to the practice, and asked the receptionist if there was anyway we could possibly borrow a microwave!

We were directed to the sister's office in outpatients. I knocked on the door politely, and asked the sister if there was anyway, we could please please please use the microwave in the staff room so we could eat our lunches... and she said yes.. on one condition.. "it better not be really strong smelling food like curries and stuff.. what do you guys have?"

1 x prawn biriyani
1 x chicken korma and rice
1 x chilli con carne

............................... she let us use it anyway.... and we were fed!

...............and that's probably the best bit of my new gp placement so far.

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Grumpy Biomed said...

Hahahaha, I can only imagine her expression when you told her which foods you had :P