Monday, 11 June 2012

Revision: 21 days left

That's it. I received my last ICA result of the year today, and now given the all clear to sit the final exams... it's all revision, sleep, revision and cram till its all over and it's summer again.

I don't know how or when it got to this point, but there's only 21 days left until i sit my first end of Y3 exam!

I sort of knew they were coming, but with my last SSC essay and ICA to worry about, it didn't really dawn on me so much.


Cardio [X]
Resp [  ]
GI [  ]
Surgery [  ]
Renal [  ]
Endocrine [  ]
CSP 1,2,3 [  ]
PH [  ]
OSCE stuff [  ]

............. okay .. so i've only just done cardio... and a bit of resp.. i need to start this cram!!! 

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