Monday, 25 June 2012

Revision: 7 days left!

Revision updated..


CSP 1,2,3 
OSCE stuff 

I'm a little optimistic striking through the list of things that need to be revised, as technically i still have 2 lectures before i finish off endocrine; but as it's crazy o'clock and i should go to bed soon, i'll just pretend it's done for today ^^

Revision appears to be going rather briskly, but sadly it's going in as quick as it's going out. I can hardly recall any GI medicine, let alone cardio and resp. This worries me a tad.. OKAY truthfully, it worries me a lot.

As soon as i learn one set of guidelines, i will remember it for a week and recite exact figures and doses, but give it a few more days and I can hardly recall it at all. I have exactly a week now, to some how re-cram everything back in, practice OSCEs on my friends, and hope whatever i learn from CSP and PH manages to stick.

On a side note, 4th Year firm allocations are out! - Just a single out firm next year for care of the elderly, otherwise i'm pretty much based in London. I foresee many posts complaining about my journey to and from firms, but before that, i need to pass these exams and make it into 4th year!

Back i go to finishing the 2 breast lectures.. or i could go sleep.. hmmmm....

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Grumpy Biomed said...

Good luck tofu! It's the final push, you can do it!