Saturday, 7 July 2012

Paper 3C: Data interpretation

I was sort of dreading the data interpretation paper.. i didn't really know how to revise for it, but thankfully as the paper loaded on the computer screen, I was relieved the find that the majority of the questions were pretty much like the EMQ questions I've come across in question books. 

There were a few pathology questions, but having guessed that these may come up, my friend and I did a quick review of the pathology lectures in the morning, and lucky we did... the images came straight from the lectures ^^ 

So that's it... 3rd year exams are finally over! 
Now just to start enjoying my summer break and keeping these fingers crossed until next friday..... eeks!


Grumpy Biomed said...

Wow, lots of exam posts! Congrats on finishing, you've worked superhard this year so you should make the most of your break. Best of luck for Friday, let us know how it goes :)

Tofu said...

Thanks grumpy! i normally write about my exams every year, and thought i should keep it up.. albeit all in one go :P

Thanks for the good luck too.. i have my fingers firmly crossed ^^!

Anonymous said...

Great blog Tofu, it's been a fantastic read. I'm a third year and just wondering if you could tell me a bit about the data interpretation paper? From what I gather it's x-rays and CTs and MRIs and stuff?

How did you actually revise for it if you don't mind me asking? what books did you use.

Thanks a lot and keep up the great posts, don't leave us waiting for too long between posts :P

Tofu said...

Hi Anon,

hmmm, well it was pretty much how i described it in the post, i would say.. it was more like emq questions than anything else. There was an image of some sort, and a question which accompanied it. At times you can work out the answer by the question alone without looking at the data or image given to you.

There were 5 ECG questions, a few CXR and AXR, but i really do mean FEW. So long as you are able to spot the main ECG problems taught you'll be fine... :)

For Met3a, the images if i remember correctly.. came directly from the pathology lectures, and from Year 2 histology.. i have seen that Cancerous caecum too many times at Barts! (so yes..that came up)

Books wise for EMQ in general i will reccomend the pastest/feather books.. i got a bargain buying them 3rd hand £9 for all 3..1st edition. If you're on the cheap, i would reccomend getting them from waterstones 2nd hand or from other students.. otherwise they're quite pricey brand new. Library has LOADS.... in fact... best tip i got was to do those questions for the ICA... some are bound to come up (not the same questions.. but similar enough scenarios)!

PASSMEDICINE - this was £10 for 6 months... it was worth the money! come with NHS NICE guidelines.. they have a few images there too.. so it's good for a bit of everything.

Hope that helps.... :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks a lot for that reply, it really does help! And I think I know the caecum you're talking about haha

And again don't leave us hanging too long between posts (last year there were times I thought something had happened to you lol) but I understand your time will be limited this year more than ever!

Thanks again though.