Monday, 2 July 2012

Paper 3B: 150 SBAs (and dairy milk chocolate)

"The Barts Touch"

I entered the exam hall and snaked my way from the front of the dark wooden panelled room to the back, and again to the front of the hall as i frantically looked for the desk with my candidate number on. Having the majority of the year seated by this point, my seat stuck out, and i stumbled to it, being greeted with a fun sized chocolate bar on my desk. I thought this must have been left from the student before me (in hindsight, this was stupid, as it's the first day of exams, and the only exam of the day). I then noticed the desk ahead of me had one too, as did the one next to me.... this was the Barts' touch.

It was shortly announced during the normal exam instructions, that we have all been given a chocolate bar to help us through the 3 hour long paper. This was a pretty neat touch! - I love BL.  

Pretty glad they had that chocolate bar ready for us, I was tired as it was, and 50 questions in I was pretty much wanting to sleep there and then. This paper was bad... not the worse I've sat, but not a good paper. I made so many silly errors, and simply had no ideas how to answer some of the questions. I'm not sure i could have revised for and correctly answered the questions i had no clue about, so .. 

Meh. What's done is done, time to revise for the next two days of OSCES!!

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