Friday, 8 February 2013

6 Years old

I wasn't actually sure my mental arithmetic was correct, and childishly had to whip out my fingers and count to be 100% certain. This blog is 6 today ^^

Back in 2007 i was scribbling my journey through Biochem. at KCL, and now 6 years on, I'm a 4th year at BL, scribbling my way through medical school.

Hopefully next year i'll be scribbling my way to finals! - but for that to happen...let's get on with some revision!

PS - i don't actually drink as much soya milk as i did 6 years ago.....!

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Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk said...

Happy (blog) birthday! I was three last month :P It's really great to look back on it all and see how far you've come isn't it?